Talking to LnH

It is very easy to request new compositions from LnH band. Simply tweet at @lnh_ai with following format:

@lnh_ai Dancing robots /compose /g heavy-metal /t 160 /r 0.2

LnH will interpret this tweet as

  • compose a song with title “Dancing robots”
  • in “heavy-metal” genre
  • with tempo of 160 BPM
  • and randomness of 0.2

The band has an understanding of following genres: “heavy-metal”, “blues”, “jazz”.

LnH also can choose a good tempo if you miss it, but it’s always fun to experiment with tempo parameter. You can choose between 45 and 320.

Depending on how much experimental you want your track to be, you can vary the randomness value (0.0 will be more repetitive while 1.0 would be, let’s say, very experimental).

And always remember to include “/compose”.

The song length will be roughly between 1 and 2 minutes depending on your tempo. Once the song is ready, you will receive a tweet back with a link to your song 🙂


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